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Holt for those Nasty Drain Clogs and Slow-Downs

Sewer and drain clogs have got to be the most vexing of plumbing problems. If you are being afflicted by just such a headache, let Holt Plumbing Inc be your aspirin.

We're pulling the plug on drain and sewer stoppages

Pull the plug on your sewer and drain problems. Call

 • Sinks unclogged

 • Tubs unclogged

 • Showers unclogged

 • Grease trap pump outs

 • Sewer pipe cleaning

 • Septic tank pump outs

 • 24 hour emergency service

We also specialize in water heater installation and repair, and in handling special and emergency situations, like gas leaks and slab leaks.


24/7 Emergency Service

We're on call around the clock. So, when your problem can't wait, you know what call to make.

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Water overflowing from clogged sink

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